Feel Free Creatively

The art collection onboard the Sky Princess

October 04, 2021 Scarlett Ford Season 1 Episode 17
Feel Free Creatively
The art collection onboard the Sky Princess
Show Notes

Hi everyone!!

Thanks so much for listening; it's well cool. I was just getting over a cold while recording this episode so I hope my voice sounds ok hahahahaha. At the start of having this cold I didn't speak for like 3 days... (my voice was too sore), can you imagine that??? me of all people not speaking; my parents were relieved to have a break hahahahahahaha

Artists mentioned:

Diego Bormida - @diego_bormida

Seung Hoon Park - check this out it's AMAZING OH MY DAYYYYSSS

Carolina Mizrahi - @carolinamizrahi_studio

Jon Rattenbury - @jon_rattenbury

Twilight Dreamer - the art we bought that is now my iPhone lock screen forever hahahahaha so excited like whaaattt????

Park West Gallery:

https://www.parkwestgallery.com/ - really informative website - you can also sign up for their mailing list; I have and it's not too intrusive if you get what I mean

Their instagram: @parkwestgallery

Thanks again to everyone at the gallery who made me feel welcome; it did me the world of good. If I can recommend anything to the people listening it is GO TO GALLERIES, ask questions, and be curious about everything. It really does change how you see the world when you are inquisitive. Also the ship we was on was the Sky Princess; it's a beautiful boat that I would highly recommend!!

Peter Max book I mentioned I am going to buy:

The Universe of Peter Max


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